ICOM ID-5100A/ID-5100E Dual segment dual display digital car walkie-talkie. Send MBA-2 bracket


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ICOM ID-5100A/ID-5100E Dual segment dual display digital Car walkie-talkie ,Send MBA-2 bracket

Frequency Range
Transmit: 137-174, 400-470MHz
Receive: 118-174, 375-550MHz

Modes: DV, FM, FM-N, AM AM (receive), AM-N (receive)

Number of channels: 1000 regular channels, 4 call channels, 50 programmable scan boundaries, 1200 repeater storage

Transmit power: 50W

Size: host 150*40*172.6mm. Panel 182.2*81.5*24.7mm

Weight: host 1.3KG

Panel: 260g

Approval number: CMIIT ID: 2015FJ0386

The intuitive touchscreen interface enables fast and flexible operation, and the large 5.5-inch touchscreen display makes it quick and easy to change settings, enter frequencies, edit memory channels, and more.

Dual segment dual display, ID-5100E can simultaneously receive two channels in FM/FM, FM/DV, DV/DV mode, dual segment dual display, dual wait.

Built-in GPS receiver, ID-5100E head has built-in GPS receiver, which can display information such as position, route, speed, altitude and so on. GPS location information can be used for location reporting, generating GPS logs, and finding nearby relay stations.

Voice and data storage SD card slot, when using a microSD card, includes personal recordings, DV auto-reply messages, TX voice messages, contact logs, reception history logs, GPS log data, memory channels, D-STAR repeater information, etc. Settings can be stored on an SD card and loaded into the ID-5100E.

VS-3 Bluetooth headset, optional VS-3 Bluetooth headset to achieve hands-free communication function, remote control ID-5100E through three programmable buttons.

RS-MS1A Android application software (Google play free download) Android device is wirelessly connected with ID-5100E through RS-MS1A software, to control and set DR function in DV mode, connect to map application and send/receive information, transfer pictures.

Other functions
1. Enhance D-PRS functions, including target, location, weather, etc.
2. Convenient CSV format storage content processing
3. Voice broadcast functions such as working frequency, mode, and receiving call sign.
4.A/B segment independent volume, mute knob
5. AM aviation frequency band dual display
6. CS-5100 Cloning Software
7. VHF, UHF dual frequency 50W output power

The standard configuration
Host, control panel, HM-207 handheld microphone, OPC-1132 power cord, 3.5m control cable OPC-837, handheld microphone hook, CD (CS-5100 software and PDF format operation manual), spare fuse, English manual.

Complimentary domestic host mounting bracket, head mounting bracket and Chinese manual (electronic version)

Weight 1.2 kg
Dimensions 400 × 500 × 300 mm

ID-5100A, ID-5100E


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