2023 Version Link U5 HF Shortwave Radio Connector Icom Power Amplifier Interface for ICOM Mobile Transceivers


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2023 New Link U5 Radio Connector with Power Amplifier Interface

2023 latest version of U5 ICOM radio connector, newly upgraded to black housing.The new MINI link U5 series radio communicator is plug and play, compact and portable, compatible with multiple working modes, and suitable for various application environments.

ICOM dedicated DIN13-DIN8 data line fit for Below mobile radio model:
ICOM IC-703,706,706MK2,706MK2G,718,78,7000,7200 etc.
ICOM dedicated DIN8-DIN8 data line fit for Below Ham Radio model:
ICOM IC-707, M710, 725, 725A, 726, 728, 729, 735, 736, 737, 738,
746,746PRO,756,756PRO,756PRO2,756PRO3,761,775,781,910,7400,7600,7800  etc.
2017 new version of MINI link U5 series radio communication device, plug and play, compact and portable, compatible with a variety of working modes, suitable for a variety of application environment.
Full software support:
Performance introduction:
* imported high grade FIDI FT-232RL USB interface chip
* imported 6N137 high-speed communication optocoupler, with a rate of up to 115200.
* matching mechanism, finished product data cable connection (supporting power supply), (data line ordering, please specify radio type, see below data line, support radio type description).
* radio remote control interface support: All-optical isolation, CIV remote control support 115200 stable high speed communication
* complete signal support: contains TXDRXDRTSDTRCTS signals.
* provides an independent and isolated power amplifier trigger interface that supports PTT input and PTT output control.
* support SQL control, CTS signal introduction
* high quality custom change.
* plug and play, without any setup, no external power supply
* standardized voice / data radio interface: ACC (DIN 8 specification)
* the professional wave peak is welded, and the technological level is high.
* digital mode optimization of ground wire wiring structure.
Package Included:
a total of 1 interface boxes,
5 lines
U5-ICOM host 1,
USB line 1
DELL original audio line 2
CIV remote line 1 (the same audio line)
ICOM special mechanism data line, black,
Optional 1 (message cable model DIN13-DIN8 or DIN8-DIN8)

Weight 0.8 kg
Dimensions 300 × 250 × 100 mm

DIN8-DIN13 connection, DIN8-DIN8 connection


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