KP990 100W Short Wave Power Amplifier KN-850 KN-990 FT-817 FT-818 KX3 QRP


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English Version KN-990 HF 0.1~30MHz SSB/CW/AM/FM/DIGITAL IF-DSP Amateur Ham Radio Transceiver Spectrum + English Manual

KN990 is a short wave full segment transceiver with medium frequency DSP technology.​The system language is English !

Note: After receiving the machine, use a USB flash drive to back up the machine’s configuration file. the configuration file may lost when upgrade firmware ! At that time, as long as you import this file, it can return to normal.

KP990 Added manual switching band and RF triggering transceiver circuit. In this way, not only perfectly cooperate with KN850 and KN990 to achieve fully automatic operation, but also can use manual mode with any QRP short-wave radio station below 20 watts. In manual mode, the transmission and reception conversion will use the RF trigger mode, thus achieving A universal power amplifier.

KN990 Features:
3.5 inch LCD, without touch fuction
Frequency range: Reception: 0.1~30MHz
transmitting : Amateur shortwave band
Working mode: SSB/CW/AM/FM/DIGITAL
Receiving sensitivity: 0.2uV
Minimum frequency step: 10Hz
Working voltage: 12~15V DC
Current parameter: RX 0.4A
TX 4A @Max
Whole machine size: 160X80X220 (mm) [excluding protrusion]

Transmitting power: rated 15 watts
Modulation mode: all mode digital modulation and demodulation.
Stray suppression system: more than 45dBc
Carrier suppression: greater than or equal to 45dBc
Selectivity: all mode bandwidth is continuously adjustable (minimum bandwidth adjustment step 10Hz).

KN990 Package:
1x KN-990
1X mic

KP990 100W Short wave power amplifier for KN-850 KN-990 FT-817 FT-818 KX3 QRP

KP990 Features:

Use with KN850 and KN990, you can use automatic mode for band and transceiver conversion, you can also use manual mode with any QRP short wave radio station below 20w , in manual mode, transceiver conversion will use RF triggering.

KP990 Parameters:

1. Working band: 80m, 60m, 40m, 30m, 20m (15m, 10m, 6m pass through under the control of KN850 or KN990)

2. Power:

① Input power: 5 ~ 15W

②. Output power: greater than 100 watts

3. Cooling method: chassis + dual-row fan

4. Working voltage: 13.8 ~ 16.8V

5. Maximum power supply current: 16A (Max: 20A)

6. Chassis volume: 160X80X220 (mm) [excluding protrusions]

7. Weight: 1.2 kg

8. ACC control supporting equipment: KN850, KN990

9. ACC socket: control level of each band, receiving and transmitting conversion.

10. Built-in SWR detection circuit, with high SWR protection, over-power protection, RF triggering automatic transceiver conversion, manual band selection, etc.

11. KP990 is a power synthesis output circuit with a large power margin, so it has been proven safe and reliable by users after half a year of use.

KP990 Package include:

KP990 100W Short wave power amplifier

(Notice:package Not include  KN850 or KN990)


Additional information

Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 500 × 400 × 100 mm

KN-990 Transceiver, KP-990 AMP, KN990 and KP990


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