plug and play APRS-k1 Cable Audio Interface Cable for BaoFeng UV5R UV-82 5RA 5RB WOUXUN TYT (APRSpro, APRSDroid, Compatible – Android, iOS


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APRS-K1 Cable (Audio Interface Cable) for BaoFeng UV5R UV-82 5RA 5RE 5RB WOUXUN TYT KENWOOD (APRSpro, APRSDroid, Compatible – Android, iOS

Recommended applications for plug and play use:
iOS: APRSpro (Available in iOS App Store)
Android: APRSDroid (Available on Amazon and Google Play Store)
Length: about 1-1.2m

With adapter, it is used to convert OMTP standard to CTIA standard

When you use the vox function of your walkie talkie, please set it to vox1,vox2,vox3,vox4,vox5,vox6,vox7,vox8, vox9, vox10, Not all vox can activate intercom transmission。Each one needs to be operated。because only in this way can you activate the vox function ~! Do not use other instruments to measure the circuit, because there are many components in it, which cannot be connected through the instrument to measure the circuit. Do not say it is a quality problem because it cannot be measured ~!
A simple way to start using APRS by using devices you already own. The APRS-K1 Cable will quickly connect your radio to APRS by using virtual TNC (app driven) on your tablet or device. The APRS-K1 cable is built with a custom circuit board that will automatically adjust the audio for clear packet transmissions with minimal adjustment; along with protecting your devices from strong over modulated signals.

Along with allowing APRS functionality the APRS-K1 cable can provide a simple interface gateway to allow several features to your radio!

Easily record radio conversations: By connecting the APRS-K1 cable between your radio and any recording (line-in) device.

Use the APRS-K1 cable as a Mic In Connector: Set up VOX on your radio to accept any form of incoming audio – such as a Push-to-talk application on a Phone – or a Line-out application from your computer.

Use the APRS-K1 cable to push transmissions over a speaker system: Easily play audio over a intercom or speaker system from your handheld.

With a backup radio and your own ingenuity, the APRS-K1 cable can serve as an interface for a variety of applications for any amateur.

Compatible with Kenwood K1 Accessory Slot Radios (such as BaoFeng, Kenwood, Wouxun, TYT)

Compatible with all phones, tablets, and computers with 3.5MM Audio In/Out Ports


APRS-K1 Cable
Reverse Connector Adaptor

Weight 0.8 kg
Dimensions 300 × 250 × 100 mm


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