TYT most of Two Way Radio MD380 UV390 UV8000E Remote Speaker Mic

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TYT most of Two Way Radio MD380 UV390 UV8000E Remote Speaker Mic BaoFeng WOUXUN Kenwood Walkie Talkie


1.Good quality, Clear and Loud voice, PTT feeling good,With 3.5mm Audio Jack

2.Brand new TYT remote speaker for MD-380 & MD-390 & GPS MD-390 UV8000E most of TYT Two Way Radio

3.360°rotatable clip and long cable length allow you can hang on everywhere you wanted

4.High impact casing and High Grade re-enforced cabling, 8 Position Reinforced Spring Clip

5.Waterproof Heavy Duty Remote Hand/Shoulder Mic with Speaker For “Kenwood 2-Pin Accessory” Radios (BaoFeng, AnyTone, and others)

6.It is built with a impact resistant PVC casing (IP54), for Shock, wind, dust, and splash resistance. It is a High quality microphone with Crystal clear audio

7.Compatible with all BaoFeng, BTECH, some Wouxun, and some Kenwood Radios


Compatible model:

Type Model
TYT TH-F8 ,TH-UVF8D,TH-UVF9D,TH-UV8000D/E,MD-380,MD-390 MD-UV380 MD-UV390 and so on
for Kenwood KPG KPG27D,KPG29D,KPG48D,KPG49,KPG55D,KPG56D,KPG62D,KPG66D,
for Kenwood TH TH-D7,TH-D7A,TH-D7AG,TH-D7E,TH-F6,TH-F6A,TH-F7,TH-F7E,TH-G71,TH-G71A,TH-G71E,TH-K2,TH-K2A,TH-K2E,TH-K2ET,TH-21,TH-21AT,TH-21BT,TH-22,Th-22A,TH-22At,TH-22E,TH-25,TH-26,TH-27,TH-28,TH31AT,TH41AT,TH41BT,TH-42,TH-42A,TH-42AT,TH-42E,TH-45,TH-46,TH-47,TH-48,TH-55,TH-75,TH-77,TH-G71,TH-205,TH-215,TH-225,TH-235,TH-235A,TH-235E,TH-315,TH-415
for Kenwood TK TK-208/308,TK-220/320,TK-240/340,TK-240D/340D,TK-248/348,TK-250/350/353,TK-260/360,TK-260G/360G,TK-270/370,TK-270G/370G,TK-272G/372G/373G,TK-278G/378G/388GPro-Talk,TK-430/431,TK-2100/3100Pro-Talk,TK-2102/3102
BAOFENG Almost All:UV5R,UV8,UV8D,UVB5,UVB6,A52 ,UV5RA,UV5RC,UV5RD,UV5RE,UV5RE+,F8,F8+,UV-82,UV-X9,BF-V9,UV-B9,A-52(II),BF-UVB3 Plus,GT-3,DM-5R Plus
HYT TC286/386/2685/3865/6685/278/378/388/2100/2088
QUSHENG/LINTON/TYT etc Almost all with a two pin plug, Former pin diameter of 3.5mm and 2.5mm in diameter after pin, double pin from 8 min within,11 mm center distance of 2 pin

Notice: If your walkie-talkie type is not in the list above, please see my other items or email us your model number,Then, we will help you find one that suits for you

Package Include:

1 X TYT Speaker Mic

Weight 0.8 kg
Dimensions 250 × 250 × 100 mm


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