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Transparent Quansheng UV K6 Ham Radios NOAA Air Band Multi-Bands Portable FM Transceiver Type-C charging

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Quansheng UV-K6(UV-K58) High-power Amateur walkie talkie FM One Click Frequency for Civilian Outdoor  Self driving Tour


New Color “Orangetransparent , Desert camouflage” for your choice.

The default color is black. The default color is black. If you need orange or transparent or Desert camouflage, it is need to add USD$ 10 , please CONTACT us before placing an order, thank you !


Product features

NOAA weather reception 25: DTMF
Fast linking 26: DTMF ANI
10 groups of voice encryption (scrambling) 27: High, medium and low power options
Large capacity battery/long standby time 28: Receive and transmit signaling are set separately
Lighting function 29: Multiple step frequencies
Reverse frequency operation function 30: Initialize the settings
Timeout timer 31: Channel storage
Transmits 1750 signals 32: Computer programmable
Frequency, channel mode conversion 33: Tone switch
200 channels 34: AM/FM air segment reception
Voice telegram 35: FM radio
Multi-segment transmit and receive 36: Digital signaling CTCSS/DCS
Automatic/manual emergency alarm 37: TYPE-C and mount
Multiple scans 38: VOX voice-activated emission function
Difference frequency direction setting 39: Automatic signaling search
Difference frequency setting 40: Busy and banned
Wide and narrow band options 41: Channel number, channel frequency, channel name Multiple display methods
Squelch level setting 42: Channel scan added
Keypad lock 43: Large screen dot matrix LCD display
The backlight automatically turns off the selection time 44: Transit desk forwarding confirmation function
Cross-segment intercom function 45: Boot password protection
Wireless full machine replication 46: Frequency meter function
DTMF dialing 47: That is, the call channel
On-site programming

1. New upgrade

Easy to operate, easy to master various functions, and more than 50 function menus in one package

Meeting the needs of different industries and environments, accompanied by work and a more leisurely journey

2. Multi segment transmission, dual display, and dual standby

Metal appearance with added beauty and a strong sense of online technology


Support simple, fast, and reliable transmission technologies for individual calls, group calls, and individual calls

4. One step operation, one click frequency measurement

Easy pairing of machines from different brands

Can be used as a frequency meter for some equipment

Machines of the same model can achieve wireless frequency replication of the entire machine, eliminating the trouble of traditional intercom frequency writing

5. FM radio

Music accompanies you on the journey

Supports 8100Mz FM channel listening

Storing and listening to 20 sets of frequencies is more convenient

6. High performance speakers have a loud and clear voice, not afraid of noisy environments

1) Power-on password protection, scrambled voice encryption

-10 sets of voice encryption

Multiple protections ensure your call privacy and communication security

2) Ending reminder

After receiving the intercom transmission

The receiving console emits a “wow” ending sound

Prompt for end of call

7. Multiple charging methods

Multiple charging options for TYPE-C port, seat charging, charging bank/car charging

Power up the machine anytime and anywhere


Brand:  Quansheng

Model:  UV-K6/UV-K58

Type of walkie talkie:  handheld

Call distance: 3km-5km (including 5km)

With or without display screen: Yes

Voltage: 220V

Battery capacity: 1600mAh

Explosion proof: No

Interphone power: 3W (not included) -5W (included)

Interphone system:  simulation

Frequency range:  U/V band


-VHF UHF Dual BAND STANDBY, 50-600MHz full band Receiving

-Frequency meter Function

-Cross-band Communication

-FM radio/Air Band Receiving

-VOX (Voice operated Transmission)

-10 Channels America NOAA weather forecast

-Built-in high light Torch
-200 Memory Channels

-Wireless Frequency copy from other radios

-Wireless Radio Replication

-DTMF AND 1750 Tone
-Auto/Manual Emergency Alert

-10-Group Scrambler
-Frequency/DCS/CTCSS Scan

-Digital Signal CTCC/DCS

-1600 mAh Rechargeable Li-ion Battery Pack

-TPYE C and Desktop Cradle Charging

– Frequency Range:

F1:50.0000-76.0000MHz(RX only)

F2:108-.0000-135.9750MHz(RX only)

F3:136.0000-173.9750MHz(TX and RX both)

F4:174.0000-349.9750MHz(RX only)

F5:350.0000-399.9750MHz(RX only)

F6: 400.0000-469.9750MHz (TX and RX both)

F7:470.0000-600.0000MHz(RX only)

FM Radio: 76.000-108.000MHz

Technical Parameters:

Number of channels: 200

Number of FM radios: 16

Frequency stability:±1ppm

Size :115mmX60mmX37.5mm

Weight: 234g

Working temperature: -20℃+60℃

Antenna impedance: 50Ω

Modulation mode: FM: 11KOF3E(12.5KHz), 16K0F3E(25KHz)

Number of NOAA channels: 10

Battery capacity: 1600mAh

Audio Power:≥0.5W

Audio Distortion: ≤10%

Transmitting Power:≤5

Emission Current :≤1.5A

Maximum Frequency Deviation :≤5KHz(25KHz),≤2.5KHz(12.5KHz)

Modulation Distortion: ≤5%

Stray Power:≤7.5uW

Adjacent Channel Power: 70dB(25KHz), 60dB(12.5KHz)

Residual Modulation: 40dB


1× Radio Body

1× 7.2V 1600mah Li-ion Battery Pack

1× SMA-Female Dual Band Antenna

1× Belt Clip
1× ENG Manual

1× Desktop Charger ( 110V ~ 240V )

1× Handstrap

Weight 0.8 kg
Dimensions 300 × 250 × 100 mm

Black, Orange, Transparent


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