Motorola GP950 Plus UHF VHF Portable 2-Way Radio


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Motorola GP950 Plus 2-Way Radio WALKIE talkie SSB transceiver two way radio GP950 plus VHF UHF Radio Portable Walkie Talkie Handheld Transceiver 


  • VHF 5W/ UHF 4W output power
  • 128 memory channels
  • Built-in 50 CTCSS and 104 DCS
  • Wide (25kHz) and Narrow(12.5kHz) channel spacing programmable in separate channels
  • Come with 2200mah option
  • Input Frequency directly by keypad
  • VOX built-in
  • Frequency Scan & CTCSS Scan
  • Three different scan type: TO/CO/SE
  • Three color LCD backlight display
  • Programmable by PC software
  • Priority Scan Function
  • Adjust power High/Low
  • Switching between Channel/VFO
  • Display Channel+ Frequency mode.
  • Adjust squelch level (0-9)
  • Busy channel lockout
  • Keypad lock
  • Reverse Frequency Function
  • Channel step 5k,10k,6.25k,12.5k,25k
  • Program alphanumeric channels name
  • Self-program
  • Voice Annunciation
  • 136-174MHZ/400-470MHZ

The Motorola CP-905 Plus is a basic commercial portable radio that brings competitive breakthroughs in communication equipment to your business at a reasonable price and ease of use, improving employee efficiency and overall profitability, CP-950 Plus helps keep your work on schedule, optimize shift productivity, improve safety levels, and overall customer satisfaction.

The Motorola 950 Plus is designed specifically for handheld use, with enhanced features that meet different service requirements. The new Motorola GP-950 Plus offers many advantages: realistic sound and privacy in various applications such as factories, service areas, hotels, stores, and other service industries.

The Motorola GP 950 Plus radio is equipped with a nickel cadmium battery, which can generate 5.5W of transmission power and ensure good communication distance. The up and down movement keys and rotation buttons help users select channels, volume, sensitivity, and more. Used for communication.

A 5-character, alphabetic, and alphanumeric screen helps users identify each channel, output power, keyboard lock, tone, and flashing icons indicating operational status.

The Motorola GP 950 Plus radio offers a golden LCD display screen that can be easily operated in low light conditions, and a 16 button keyboard provides convenient programming functions – Motorola adds the perfect choice for its low-cost niche market.

The Motorola CP-950 Plus radio has memory that can store 199 channels, including channel names, tones, and more. There is also a channel for calling. CTCSS and DTCS.

The Motorola CP-950 Plus radio has an emergency alarm button suitable for the factory or provides a safety alarm when needed to notify emergency situations.

By using 50 CTCSS and 104 x 2 DTCS tones, users can clearly listen only to group calls, thereby improving information.

DTMF encoding and decoding: With 5 DTMF storage channels and 24 DTMF codes, it allows Motorola GP 950 Plus radio control operations. DTMF Option UT-108 encoder, providing operations with query code and search functionality.

Channel scanning function: monitoring all new channels without switching channels, with memory channel naming function, you can name memory for each frequency channel.

The high-efficiency improvements brought to the twin version of 900Plus include a 15% reduction in machine weight, an 85% increase in operating time, and a 3 hour reduction in charging time with standard lithium-ion batteries. These are impressive numbers that can help you decide to have effective tools.

Motorola GP-950 Plus has built-in radio function, providing high entertainment

Detailed description:

UHF frequency range: 420-470Mhz

High frequency power: 5.5 watts

Audio power: 300 mW (8 ohms)

Receiving sensitivity: 0.16 mV

Modulation type: F3E

Channel elongation: 12.5khz/25khz

Antenna impedance: 50 W

Frequency channel capacity: 199 channels

BP222N standard battery type: nickel hydrogen

Battery voltage: 7.2V

Capacity: 600 mAh

Battery charging time: 6 hours

Battery life: 4 hours (5-5-90 cycles)

Dimensions: W x H x D 54 x 122 x 35 mm

Overall weight: 360 grams

Choose the appropriate Motorola radio

Step 1: Select the frequency bands for UHF and VHF

Handheld radios have two different frequency bands: VHF (136-174MHz frequency) and UHF (400-470MHz frequency).

Please note that if you have purchased more devices to share with existing devices, you need to know what frequency band (VHF/UHF) the device is using, what frequency it is, and the model of the new device to share with the old system.

Select UHF or VHF.

If it is empty and there are fewer obstacles between the radios: it is recommended to choose VHF.

If there are many buildings in the city in high-rise buildings, it is recommended to choose UHF.

The ability to use frequencies in areas that allow you to use the radio.


-The maximum communication distance between two handheld devices, with two people standing on the open ground, is approximately 3 kilometers, and does not exceed 2 kilometers within the city. In high-rise buildings, the structural density is lower and the distance is much shorter.

Handheld devices can be connected.

Step 2: Select the functions of the radio.

You need to pay attention to the following features:

-RF transmission power. The power of mobile phones is usually 4-5W, and some phones have a power of 5.5W or 7W. High power increases communication distance.

-Audio power. If you use the machine in a noisy environment, you need higher power.

-Protection and safety functions: sturdy structure meets US Army standards (MIL-STD810), waterproof (IPXX standard), explosion-proof (for explosive areas)

-Equipped with CTCSS, DTCS encryption and decoding circuits. When multiple user groups use the same frequency channel, avoid unnecessary communication.

-Voice triggered (VOX) function helps with hands-free operation.

-The ability to input frequency from the machine keyboard: It is very convenient and usually used on ordinary machines. Sometimes, this function can cause users to accidentally set the channel frequency incorrectly, resulting in the machine being unable to communicate with other machines.

-Compact machine.

Step 3: Select brand and purchase location:

There are many shops on the market selling a lot of intercom cables to purchase high-quality machine cables for stable activities, and you can use the Bright Machine Power Supply. With years of experience in the field of walkie talkies, we will help you choose the most suitable product line.

Weight 0.8 kg
Dimensions 300 × 250 × 100 mm
Frequency Range



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