MAT-10 Automatic Antenna Tuner Handheld Small Antenna Tuner


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MAT-10 Automatic Antenna Tuner for YAESU FT-818 ICOM IC-705 Lab599 TX-500 QRP POTA S0TA

  • The mAT-10 is a compact and exquisite tuner designed for YAESU FT-817/818, it can also be
    used in other QRP transceivers. When it is connected to FT-817/818 through a dedicated
    control cable mAT-CY, it is a dedicated tuner, which can achieve convenient “one-key tuning”.
    If no control cable is used, it is a universal QRP tuner for all low-power transceivers.


  • The mAT-10 is connected to the ACC port of the FT-817/818 transceiver through control cable.
    The ACC interface allows an external device such as a PC or the mAT-10 to control
    the FT-817/818 by sending it serial commands. The mAT-10 has the function of “one key tuning”.
    When the multi-function key on tuner is pressed, the mAT-10 will automatically control
    the start-up tuning of transceiver.


  • When mAT-10 is used in other QRP transceivers, it does not need control cables and can
    work only by connecting RF cables. The tuning process can be completed by pressing the
    Multi-function on the panel, its operation is very simple.


  • The three lights in the upper half of the tuner are used to display battery power or current
    SWR. In the shutdown state, after pressing the multi-function key, the three lights indicate
    the power level of the battery inside the tuner. On startup, these three lights are used to indicate
    the current SWR.


  • The mAT-10 has only one button, which can realize multiple functions. Whether it’s for
    FT-817/818 or other transceivers, this button has the functions of switching power supply,
    starting tuning, switching online/bypass status, etc. The lower half of the tuner has three
    indicator lights, which are used to indicate “online/bypass”, “tuning process” and “power supply”.
    Also supports for other QRP stations.


– Max. 30W in SSB and CW modes, 5W in PSK and digital modes

– 1.8to 54.0 MHz coverage.16,000 memories for instantaneous frequency

– Tuning time: 0.1 to 5 seconds full tune, 0.1 seconds memory tune

– To tune the load capacity of 5 to 1500 ohm antenna

– For YAESU FT-817/818 radio via 8-core data cable

– Can also be used as a QRP tuner

– For dipoles, verticals, Vees, beams, long wire or any coax-fed antenna

– Dimensions: 13.8cm x 6.1cm x 2.3cm (L x W x H)

– Weight: 300g

Package Included:

– 1 x mAt-10 Automatic Antenna Tuner

– 1 x Charger

– 1 x Data Cable

– 1 x Manual

Weight 0.8 kg
Dimensions 500 × 250 × 100 mm


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