ICOM IC 905 Shortwave IC-905 VHF/UHF/SHF All Mode Base Handheld Transceivers


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ICOM IC-905 VHF/UHF/SHF All Mode Base/Portable Transceivers


ICOM IC-905 VHF/UHF/SHF All Mode +ATV Base/Portable Transceivers are 10 W QRP 144/430/1200/2400/5600 MHz All Mode +ATV Base/Portable Transceivers that hold the distinction of being the first in the industry to offer the capability of operating up to 10 GHz with the optional CX-10G Transverter (sold separately). The IC-905 offers all common operating modes – SSB and CW, AM/FM, and full D-Star functionality with DV (digital voice), DD (data) modes and analog FM ATV (analog Amateur Television) with included AV input/output ports. Output power for the IC-905 is 10W on 144/430/1200 MHz, 2W on 2400/5600 MHz and 0.5W with the optional 10 GHz module.

The separate controller and RF module configuration allow for the installation of the weatherproof RF module near the antennas. A LAN cable makes the connection between the controller and the RF module, significantly reducing power loss. PoE (Power over Ethernet) technology provides flexibility and simplifies the installation of the RF module.

The engineers at Icom have made use of every inch of space on the controller with the inclusion of a large 4.3 inch color touchscreen LCD display with a high-performance real-time spectrum scope and waterfall display, which is adjustable for various bandwidths. An abundance of ports allows the connection of external accessories such as a microphone, external speaker/speaker microphone, headphones, AV input/outputs, CW key, SD Card slot, USB-C,  2 LAN ports (one for the RF module and one for wired ethernet) and a DC power connector. The IC-905 is compact and lightweight and is ideal for portable operation, but will feel right at home in the shack as a base station.

Brand: ICOM
Manufacturer’s Part Number:  IC-905
Part Type:  Mobile Transceivers
Product Line: ICOM IC-905 VHF/UHF/SHF All Mode Base/Portable Transceivers
Part Number:  ICO-IC-905
FCC License Required to Transmit: Yes
Receive Range 1: 144.000-148.000 MHz
Receive Range 2: 1240.000-1300.000 MHz
Receive Range 3: 2300.000-2450.000 MHz
Receive Range 4: 5650.000-5925.000 MHz
Detachable Faceplate: No
Cross-Band Repeat: No
AM Broadcast Band Coverage: No
FM Broadcast Band: No
Aircraft Band: No
Weather Band: No
Transceiver Power Supply: External, not included
Transceiver Input Voltage:  13.8 Vdc
Transceiver Maximum Current: 1.5 A
Antenna Ports: 4
Radio Width:  7.900 in.
Radio Height: 3.100 in.
Radio Depth: 3.300 in.
Quantity: Sold individually.
Band Agility:  Multi-band

Additional Information

Band Coverage Transmit Frequency Range
2 meters 144.000-148.000 MHz
70 cm 420.000-450.000 MHz
23cm (1240-1300 MHz) 1240.000-1,300.000 MHz
13cm (2300-2310MHz, 2390-2450MHz) 2300.000-2450.000 MHz
5.6 GHz 5650.000-5925.000 MHz
3 cm (10 – 10.5 GHz) 10.000-10.500 GHz


Weight 1.8 kg
Dimensions 500 × 500 × 100 mm


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