ICOM HM-118N Speaker Microphone for IC-706 IC-2000H IC-F1721 IC-V8000 IC-FR3000 Radio

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ICOM HM-118N Speaker Microphone for IC-706 IC-2000H IC-F1721 IC-V8000 IC-FR3000 Radio

HM-118N 8 Pin Handheld Speaker PTT Mic Microphone for iCom IC-706 IC-2000/H IC-F1721 IC-7000 IC-V8000 IC-FR3000 IC-FR4000 Radio


8-pin plug with easy metal clip at the top
Built-in PTT and microphone is very handy
Talk and listen without ever HOLDING your radio/transceiver
Dimension: 6 x 4.7 x 1.3 inches
Compatible with Radio model:
* 706, 706MKII, 706MKIIG, IC F1721D, IC F1721, IC F 1821D, IC F1821, IC 2000/H, IC 2100H, IC 2200H
* IC 2720H, IC F2721, IC F2721D, IC F2821D, IC F2821, IC 7000, V8000, IC 207H, IC 208H
* Ic ID1, IC ID800, IC F320S, IC F320, IC F420S, IC F420, IC F121S, IC F121/S
* IC F221/S, IC F221, IC F520, IC F521, IC F620, IC F621, IC F621TR, IC F2010, IC F2020, IC F1610
* IC F1020, IC F2610 (includes BIIS vers), IC F621 (includes BIIS vers) IC F610MT, IC F620MT
* IC F620TR, IC FR3000, IC F4000, IC F3100, IC F4100, IC F510N, IC F610N/W, IC F610 MPT N/W
* IC F1710, IC F2710, IC F1810, IC F2810, IC F1721D, IC-F1710,IC-F1810,IC-F2710 ,IC-F2810
* IC-F110N, IC-F110SN,IC-F210 N/W, IC-F210S N/W IC-F510N
* IC-F510N BIIS,IC-F610 N/W, IC-F610 N/W BIIS IC-F610 N/W MPT
* IC-F1610, IC-F2610 (includes BIIS Ver.) IC-F1010, IC-F2010, IC-F1020, IC-F2020
* IC-F510, IC-F610, IC-F520/F521, IC-F610/F621 (includes BIIS Ver.) IC-F110/S
* IC-F210/S, IC-F111/S, IC-F211/S, IC-F121/S, IC-F221/S
* IC-F610 MT Ver., IC-F620 MT Ver., IC-F620TR
* IC-F621TR, IC-FR3000, IC-FR4000, IC-FR3100, IC-FR4100
Fit part number:
* HMN9026, HMN9051, PMMN4013, NMN6191, NMN6196A, HMN9053
* JMMN4067, JMMN4073A, HMN3413, HMN3008, CHMN5428
* KMC-21, KMC-17, KMC-25, KMC-26, KMC-27, KMC-30, KMC-32
* TM-261, VX160, FM1700, HX150, HX270
* GX1608, IC-W1, IC-V8, IC-35FI, IC-28A, IC-M59
* HM-118N, HM-118TN, HM-98S, HM-152

* KG-110, EMS-43, Orca Elan, Undien, SM-06M, SM-06K, SM-06Z

Package Contain:

1 x Icom HM-118N 8 Pin Handheld Speaker PTT Mic Microphone

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 40 × 60 × 60 mm


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