Microphone PTT DIH-1 Multi Function Mic For XIEGU/YAESU/Universal shortwave radio


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DIH-1 Multifunctional Radio Microphone Radio Accessory for YAESU  for XIEGU for Universal Shortwave Radio Support External Speaker/Headphone

DIH-1 Multi Function Microphone For XIEGU/YAESU/Universal shortwave radio CW key microphone PTT

– Support external speaker, headphone and microphone
– Equipped with a microphone and support free mode switching; the PPT transmitting key can also be used as an electric key.
– Support condenser microphone and dynamic microphone

– The front and rear key interfaces are direct interfaces that can be used to connect radio stations and keys;
– The microphone interface on the top of the host and the microphone interface on the side are two interfaces with the same function, both of which can be connected to external microphones.

– Model: DIH-1
– Weight: 170g
– Size: L x W = 100 x 70mm
– Suitable radio model: for XIEGU X6100 / G90S / 5105

          or for YAESU FT-991A / FT-891 / FT-857D / FT-450D / FT-818ND / FT-817ND

or universal (need self-made connectors)

Note :Please choose what you need from the three options

Package Included:
– 1 x Host
– 1 x Microphone
– 1 x Adapter
– 1 x Radio Connection Cable

Weight 0.8 kg
Dimensions 300 × 400 × 100 mm

For YAESU, For XIEGU, For Universal


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