Mobile Radio Diamond NR760H UV Dual Band Car Antenna High Gain Long Antenna


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Diamond NR760H UV Dual Band Car Mobile Radio Antenna High Gain Long Antenna

Product Information

Japan Diamond NR760HUV Dual Band Car Antenna

Color: Silver/Black

Frequency band: 144/430 MHz

Center frequency point: 145/435 MHz

Applicable frequency: 144-146/430 440 MHz

Gain: 2.15dBi (144MHz)/5.2dBi (430MHz)

Length: 0.8 meters

Weight: 200 grams

Resistance: 50 ohms

Withstand power: 150 watts

Antenna interface: M-type

Standing wave ratio: less than 1.5

Bottom down: Supported


The bottom of the antenna can be pulled up and bent 360 °, and can be temporarily folded down when it is lowered to the ground or when it exceeds the height limit.


Adopting integrated molding

Stainless steel oscillator design, sturdy and durable,

Especially suitable for jungle off-road travel


Standard M-type antenna interface,

More thoughtful drainage hole design.


Spring shaped coil with good elasticity,

Better anti collision performance.


The antenna oscillator is fixed with internal hexagonal screws. It is recommended that you regularly check to avoid loosening the screws.


Package Included:

Antenna, Hex key, Instructions


Weight 0.8 kg
Dimensions 300 × 250 × 100 mm

Black, Silver


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