Baofeng UV-17 Plus V2 10W Tri-Band 220-260mhz Wireless Copy Frequency


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Baofeng UV-17 Plus V2 Walkie Talkie 10W Tri-Band 220-260mhz Wireless Copy Frequency Type-C Charge NOAA Waterproof FM Double Lamp

             UV-17 Plus

           Walkie Talkie

★Wireless copy frequency

★1.77 inch LCD Screen

★USB Type-C Charging
USB charging is a trend for mobile devices as it has low requirements for power sources and
places. The UV17 is USB Type-C rechargeable, for which you can easily charge it like a phone in your car, with a power bank or laptop. Portable for your go-kit.

★NOAA Weather Channel

★Up to 999 channels

★Double Led Lamp


VHF 136-174MHZ 220-260MHZ

UHF 400-520MHZ

Package include:

1 X Portable radio
1 X Antenna
1 X Li-ion battery pack
1 X Desktop Charger
1 X Belt clip
1 X The Sling
1 X User’s manual

Weight 0.8 kg
Dimensions 300 × 400 × 150 mm

B-48CM, B-771, B-Acoustic Hedaset, B-Full Kit, B-Mic, B-Program.Cable, B-standard, Blue-48CM, Blue-771, Blue-AC Hedaset, Blue-Full Kit, Blue-Mic, Blue-Program.Cable, Blue-standard, G-48CM, G-771, G-Acoustic Hedaset, G-Full Kit, G-Mic, G-Program.Cable, G-standard, OR-48CM, OR-771, OR-Acoustic Hedaset, OR-Full Kit, OR-Mic, OR-Program.Cable, OR-standard, Red-48CM, Red-771, Red-Acoustic Hedaset, Red-Full Kit, Red-Mic, Red-Program.Cable, Red-standard


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