Motorola Kenwood Mobile Radios 8-Pin Desktop Microphone Modular Base Station Mic for TK7201 GM300 M1225 CM200 PM400 etc


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8Pin Desktop Mic Modular Base Station Microphone for Kenwood TK-7102 TK-7160 Motorola GM300 M1225 CM200 PM400 Two Way Radios

For Kenwood:

HYS KMC-9C Car Mobile Radio Desktop Microphone Transceiver Base Mic for Kenwood TK-7102 TK-7160 TK-7162 TK-980 TK-981 TM-271

Product Description

Mobile radio transceiver replacement desktop microphone 8-pin mod plug base MIC.

Base station desktop microphone, larger Push-To-Talk button, free your hands and make it more easy to communicate.

Compatible with Kenwood mobile radios:

NX-820HG, NX-920G, NXR-710, NX-5700, NX-5800, NX-700, NX-720HG, NX-740HV,

NX-800,NX-800N, NX-840HU, NX-900, NX-901, NX-920G

NXR-710, NXR-810,NXR-900, NXR-901

TK-6110, TK-7102, TK-7160,TK-7162, TK-7180, TK-7180, TK-7360, TK-760G, TK-762G,TK-768G, TK-780G, TK-8102, TK-8160, TK-8160,TK-8162, TK-8180, TK-8180, TK-8360, TK-860G, TK-862G, TK-868G, TK-880G, TK-760, TK-860, TK-762, TK-862,TK-6110, TK-8160, TK-863, TK-980, TK-981

TKR-750, TKR-850, TKR751, TKR851

TM-271, TM-261, TM-461A, TM-471A, TK-80, TK-90 etc…

 Notice: If your radio model not listed above, please check other item in the store or email to us , we will help you find one that suit for you.
For Motorola:

8-Pin Modular Base Station Desktop Microphone for Motorola GM300 M1225 CM200 PM400 Mobile Two-Way Radios Mic


Cable Length: 130cm

Base Station Mic Replacement for RMN5068A

Compatible with:

GM300 Series Mobile Radio

M1225 LSTM Series Mobile Radio

CM300 Mobile Radio

CM200 Mobile Radio

PM400 Mobile Radio

CDM1550 Mobile Radio

CDM1250 Mobile Radio

CDM750 Mobile Radio

CDM1550 LSTM Mobile Radio

GTX LTRTM Mobile Radio

GTX Privacy PlusTM Mobile Radio

Package Listing:

1 pcs of this Desktop Microphone

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 300 × 300 × 100 mm

For Kenwood, For Motorola


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