Yaesu Shortwave Radios 200W MAT-TUNER MAT-Y200 Automatic Antenna Tuner


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MAT-TUNER MAT-Y200 Automatic Antenna Tuner Shortwave Antenna Tuner 1.8-54MHz For Yaesu FT-891 FT-991A Shortwave Radios

mAT-Y200 is specially designed for modern YAESU radio with maximum power not higher than 200W (SSB). It is suitable for FT-891, FT-991A, FTDX10, FTDX101D, FTDX101MP, etc. It should be noted that radio stations without YAESU standard 8-core antenna tuning interface cannot use this antenna tuner, such as FTDX5000 and FT-2000. Not applicable to some old models, such as FT-747, FT-757, FT-80C. YAESU FT-817/818 also cannot use this antenna tuner, because their software system does not support antenna tuning. If you use a FT-817/818 radio station, we recommend you to choose mAT-10, which can match your radio station well.

For those users who like to use 100W digital working modes including FT8, CW, RTTY, the mAT-Y200 antenna tuner is also a very suitable choice. mAT-Y200 allows longtime work in 100W digital mode, which is unbearable by ordinary 100W antenna tuners.

It can work in a wide range of 1.8-54MHz. The maximum allowable SSB RF power is 200W, and the array mode is 100W. As an external antenna tuner, a radio station controls the work of the radio station through the data line mAT-CY, and supplies power to the radio station, so the antenna tuner does not require an additional power supply. Through this data line, the antenna tuner can automatically synchronize and track the frequency with the radio. It is fully compatible with original antenna tuner of YAESU, which is very convenient to use.

The antenna tuner can tune dipole antennas, monopole antennas, Yagi antennas and almost any coaxially fed antenna. It has a great impedance matching ability which is much larger than that of some other antenna tuners, especially the built-in antenna tuners of some radio stations.

Package Included:

– 1 x Antenna Tuner
– 1 x Cable

Weight 0.8 kg
Dimensions 400 × 400 × 100 mm


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