Popular Science: What is the same frequency relay?

The same frequency relay, hence the name, is the relay service established on the same frequency. At present, Hytera’s newly released PD-980 flagship top-end professional professional machine has this advanced digital co-frequency relay function.

Let’s learn together: What is the working principle of the same frequency relay?

For example: “Your mother told me to tell you to go home early to eat.”

The example inside me, in fact, is the same frequency relay, I first listened to your mother’s information, and then conveyed to you, this process. The same-frequency relay is a principle that uses the same frequency to receive information first, then transmit the received information, and repeat the process. Technically referred to as TDMA time division multiple access, it can also be called time division duplex.

However, I don’t recommend that you go deeper into too many professional terms. More, I hope you can remember this simple example. When someone asks you: “What is the same frequency relay?”, you Can tell him: “Your mother told me to tell you, go home early to eat”

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