Popular science: What are the use and benefits of same frequency replay?

What is the use of the same frequency relay?

This new feature is built into Hytera’s flagship model, the PD-980, so that everyone can fully try and understand the role and use of the same-frequency relay.
In the past, the repeater required two machines for receiving and transmitting, at least one antenna and one duplexer, and a pair of frequencies. Basically, this is the most typical repeater erection scheme (whether analog or digital).
However, the emergence of co-frequency relays is simplified to only one antenna per machine. Take Hytera PD-980 as an example. In a typical case, find a high-position machine, that is, after the deployment is completed and the task is completed, the machine can be taken away.

What are the benefits of same frequency relay?

First, saving frequency resources requires only one frequency.

Second, save money and don’t need to buy a duplexer.

Third, there are fewer restrictions, no duplexers are needed, and are not limited by the duplexer frequency bandwidth.

Fourth, rapid deployment, power-free antenna-free installation (for handheld relay)

Fifth, users using the same-frequency relay can adopt an adaptive scheme, which eliminates the user’s manual switching of the relay and non-relay communication environment and avoids human error.

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